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Over the last few months, Zoe and Raelene had a powerful learning experience. Together with their team members Fine and Hannah, they were part of an international project exchange called “Room For Talents” as part of the ASA programme. They collaborated virtually over 6 months to explore topics around diversity, global learning and gender equality. It was an intense time of learning, diving into relevent social issues and changing perspectives.

Not having known each other before, they quickly managed to organize workshops together and write blog posts to engage with the wider public and share meaningful stories of diversity both from Germany and South Africa. Working virtually with online tools is a challenge itself. On top of that, the team managed to develop strong friendships amongst themselves whilst making meaningful connections with other people.

From the left: Hanna, Fine, Raelene and Zoe at one of their joint workshops in Berlin where Zoe could meet in person thanks to her participation in Storytelling for a Better Tomorrow.

How did it change their perspective and what do they take away from this experience?

The ASA programme is accompanied by online seminars with international fellows who implement projects elsewhere. The seminars faciliated an exchange about global issues and sustainable development. Getting to know different realities and meeting changemakers from other parts of the world facilitated the process of shifting perspectives and looking beyond the local reality. Raelene shares: “The team from Tunesia shared how they couldn’t drink water, they got a tiny glass of tea for the day and that was it. It really put things into perspective.”

The collaboration with their German counterpart developed into an intimate team work and friendship. They enjoyed identifying topics around diversity, similarities as well as differences in their countries. All blog posts were written collaboratively and workshops were organized on local level.

For Raelene and Zoe, working towards their project milestones and achieving so much together with their German team mates has given them a feeling of empowerment. It was the first time they implemented an international project as such.

Find out more in this video where they share their key take-aways:

Blogging to promote Diversity and Storytelling

The binational team identified topics that they wanted to focus on in their workshops and blog posts. They communicated about the differences and similarities in their own environments and mostly developed the contents together. On the following webpage by the partners Amava Oluntu and Starkmacher, they share some of their thoughts and stories:

Read their Blog
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Teresa is excited about how communities and individuals can collaboratively respond to challenges and turn them into opportunities of social change. She believes that youth are the best changemakers in the world and they must be actively included in decision-making processes.

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