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Georgie joined the project Stories for a better Tomorrow in 2023 and shares her thoughts, sounds and words with us. Don’t miss to watch her video below.

It is often the case that I don’t really know how to process the world as I experience it. I collect words I hear, both from inside and outside my head. I collect things I see, when a symmetry is too perfect to ignore, or a face too bold and ecstatic to pass. I can’t collect feelings, smells or tastes, but I certainly do try, and most recently I have found sound.

I have found listening all consuming at times, like I can’t pay attention to anything else. It makes me feel wrapped up and tuned in. I hear sounds that calm me and sounds that make me worry. They tell me stories of the place that I find myself in, and of my body that I have found in this place. They speak to the position that I inhabit as Georgie, and that draws me into my world. They speak to the world that I am in, sometimes abrupt, and that draws me into the world outside of me.

There are some sounds that I want to enhance, and some which I would prefer to erase. It is hard to make a direct link to the kinds of sounds that we hear with the changes that we desire in our society, but I know they do, and as something I read recently said:

“It is important to say, that none of it felt like metaphor, this world seemed an actuality, though an actuality we were too infantile to understand yet”.

So as I process our experience as an individual and as a group, I feel into the ways that we experienced the places we engaged with, and I feel closer to understanding how we can come to exchange our desires for change.

Sound: a sign of life, a sign of change

In the ruckus and rumble and tussle and shove
In the footsteps and rustles and tweets and hums
I hear a symphony, biophony, cacophony chaotic
hues of chatter into patchworks
there, I have come to know the sounds of the nighttime
at home I know them less well
of loud footsteps along the stinking sidewalks
sculpting bridges, carving length, height, width
cries wrapping out of alleyways
the human noise we make
The overlapping and disorientating
making my body rattle of itself
this is what I hear, I wonder what others do
what food we crave
the faces we notice
where we feel welcomed , wanted
the smells that make us feel like we belong
the sensations that calm and trigger
and the sounds that isolate us, or wrap us in their embrace
this is where our senses come face to face
where we mess
where we exist, and resist
and we talk

I will let you look and listen to everything overlaid, where voices explore sound as a feeling. Cape Town collides with the soundscape of Berlin, and Berlin is lulled by the ocean’s white noise noise of Muizenberg. –

From Georgie xx

Georgie Snaddon

Georgie has grown up beneath the sweeping beam of the Slangkop Lighthouse, having since been based in Makhanda, Stellenbosch and now False Bay, but always alongside the sea’s ebbs and flows. As a budding story teller of the world she intends to listen and to learn from the countless voices which make up the cacophony of our strange human world. She is particularly passionate about visual and audible media and the conversations which emerge through engagement with them.

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