Diverse, abundant and resilient communities that share knowledge and resources equally.


Together with the community around us, we respond to social and environmental issues and share networks and resources that enable us to become strong change agents.

We develop community-based solutions with an asset-based approach, working from the inside out using existing life wisdom and skills that benefit the broader community. Through reconnecting people and networks, we respond to societal issues, unlock opportunities, increase social connectedness and contribute to just futures. Entrepreneurial learning, skills development and exchange of knowledge are core cross-cutting components as they catalyze socioeconomic development and community resilience.

Core Values

Working towards social connectedness, the following values are the foundation of our engagement within our organization and with the wider public:
1. Integrity
2. Diversity
3. Collaboration
4. Trustworthiness
5. Enjoyment

Environmental awareness and sustainable living are cross-cutting elements close to our heart that are incorporated in all projects.

What we do

We seek to create interpersonal spaces of learning that recognize multiple forms of wisdom we all have to share with one another. Seeking to create more just futures, we focus on youth empowerment to equip young citizens with strong values and leadership competence. We believe in a world where youth are supported by a whole community, tapping into existing networks and opportunities that can lead to income generation, skills sharing and increased well-being.

Our programs enable interpersonal exchange among people in order to collectively find sustainable solutions to social and environmental problems, through:

  • Training programs and workshops focusing on constructive communication as well as on personal, participatory and people-led development
  • Business skills development and youth entrepreneurship
  • Networking, collective learning and community connection

All activities focus on either connecting with self (personal growth and skills development) or connecting with others (dialogue and communication).

Thank you.

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Yoliswa Mahobe

Yoliswa believes that people flourish when connected to each other and to our purpose. Through the principles of Permaculture she found a platform where her love for people, development, education, nutrition and environment were all housed under one roof. Yoli has a gift with people and a passion that is contagious.

She is currently an educational facilitator at the Sustainability Institute in Stellenbosch. Her work includes the design of experiential learning curricula for children, facilitation of permaculture and ecology workshops for adults, and training of the agro-ecology academy students.

Profile picture of Theresa Wigley.

Theresa Wigley

Theresa grew up in the rural Eastern Cape in a family that strove to live a lifestyle friendly to the planet and accessible to all. From a young age she was exposed to a diversity of realities that created the foundation for her deep love for people, the land and the relationships between them.

She is currently a creative collaborator at The Way Between Collective where she uses her powerful visual storytelling skills to distill complex information into compelling content that is simple yet engaging. She strives to share her knowledge of media with youth to capacitate them to tell their own stories.

Mzukise Zele

Mzukisi is dedicated to working with people to create more resilient systems that aren’t at the expense of the natural world. He has ten years experience working within environmental education, and permaculture training and implementation. He strives to create networks of people and organisations collaborating on a shared vision towards creating happier, healthier lives for all.

He is currently located at Bergendal Farm which offers experiential learning processes centered around living off grid; practicing good land stewardship and producing nutrition-dense food from the land. These processes include enhancing eco-system dynamics in the surrounding environment and establishing community-based enterprises that plug into local markets.

Teresa Boulle

Teresa believes that sustainable development can only happen when people of all kinds are inclusively engaged in a change making process. She gets excited when people can work step by step to identify and break entrenched patterns to improve their personal well-being and growth.

She grew up in Germany and somehow got stuck with the beautiful souls in South Africa. Over the past 4 years, she has been collaborating with Theresa in the field of sustainable education and youth empowerment and has become an important driver of the strategic developments behind Amava Oluntu. Her background lies in organizational development and fundraising.

Jon Pullen

Jon is the guy that built and designed our website. He is passionate about working on projects that educate and inspire people to take action.

Jon grew up in Johannesburg but has spent the last 10 years living in Cape Town where he has fallen love with surfing and his community. He has spent the last 7 years working as a freelance web designer and the last 4 years collaborating with The Way Between Collective.