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Claire Homewood (CareCreative) is a Cape Town born artist based in Muizenberg. She is inspired by wild nature and the importance of environmental concerns. Her projects are aligned with the values she cares about – resilience, participation, nurturing integrated, healthy environments & people. Care works between scientists, environmentalists, educators, researchers, and communities to create visual bridges and interactive platforms. She uses creativity to have conversations around important topics, co-designing and painting public murals.


InsightShare envisions a world where healthy and resilient communities draw upon local knowledge, experience, skills, generational wisdom and intuition to exert influence over the critical issues they face. Insight Share works to amplify unheard voices and bring people together to focus on change. They work with communities around the world to address key issues through Participatory Video. Founded in 1999, the organisation is committed to improving and shaping the use of Participatory Video in all its forms, and building a grassroots practice to sustain its role as a powerful community engagement tool. Amava is working with Insight Share to build the PV community of practice within South Africa.

Starkmacher e.V

Starkmacher e.V. (founded in 2006) is a civil society non-profit organisation and accredited stakeholder for youth support and extracurricular youth education in Germany. It is an organisation run by and for people, who carry the promotion and development of young people‘s potential close to their hearts. The main function is to empower primarily young people and disadvantaged children and to enable a positive reaction to lacking orientation, missing values and increasing violence. The main areas of work cover non-formal education, Global learning and youth work in various social and ethnic contexts. Currently, Starkmacher e.V. is running various innovative and inclusive educational projects on a global level in the field of youth entrepreneurship, sustainable development and coffee projects to support small farmers worldwide.

Sustaining the Wild Coast

Sustaining the Wild Coast (SWC) has worked with the Amadiba residents of the coastal villages of Eastern Mpondoland, South Africa, since 2008, seeking to support their commitment to protecting their land, livelihoods and culture. The Amadiba are determined to set their own development goals, that are sustainable and earth honouring, rather than be forced to accept imposed projects of mining and highway construction. The name for SWC in isiMpondo is Mazibuy’emasisweni! A simple translation of this name is ‘let us bring back our heritage!’. The struggle of the Amadiba people is emblematic of the struggle of indigenous communities worldwide against the life-destroying impacts of imposed, unsustainable, so-called ‘development’ projects that do not respect the needs of local people or the integrity of Earth’s ecosystems. Indigenous communities living on communally owned land occupy only 20% of the planet and are protecting 80% of the earth’s remaining biodiversity.


Elamanzi is a community development agency that runs courses for communities & organisations and works with NGOs, donors & governmental organisations supporting community driven development. Founder Ninnette Eliasov shares tools and methods in the field of sustainable organisational development and Asset-Based-Community-Development (ABCD).

Ninnette Eliasov is a Social Worker with an Honours degree in Criminology and Masters in Education. She has over 20 years’ experience in community capacity-building working with a broad range of CBO, NGO, Government, and Donor agencies. She is an independent consultant and Associate of Ikhala Trust, facilitating training in Asset Based Citizen driven Development (ABCD) locally and internationally, and Organisational Development accompaniment. She has also produced various publications and educational materials including toolkits for development practitioners. She is passionate about youth work, consciousness-building, learning about life, and our purpose together.

Muiz Kitchen

The Muizenberg Community Kitchen exists to provide nutritious, affordable, plant-based meals to the community. They nurture the kitchen to be a place of diverse learning, sharing and growth. They collaborate with the Muizenberg Community Garden and local suppliers of ingredients to support local economy.

Ingcungncu Sunbird Restoration

Ingcungcu Sunbird Restoration is a non-profit company based in Cape Town which aims to reconnect youth and communities to nature by planting fynbos stepping-stone gardens – providing ‘filling stations’ for sunbirds and learning spaces for people. Their vision is to create a nectar-rich Sunbird Stepping-Stone Corridor across the urbanized Cape Flats, linking Muizenberg Mountain with the Boland Mountains above Stellenbosch.

By facilitating hands-on learning experiences in nature that engage schools and communities in active fynbos rehabilitation, Ingcungcu is reconnecting fragments of critically endangered habitat, supporting the migration and protection of urban pollinators, and inspiring a new generation of biodiversity leaders.

The Way Between Collective

The Way Between Collective is a collective of individuals who pool their skills and resources to offer creative services to organisations.Their main outlook is to communicate messages that are socially and environmentally regenerative. They share a common vision of a just world, and wish to contribute their skill sets to creating the changes required. They especially love to explore the spaces between the ending of one story and the beginning of another.

The Commons

The Commons is a collaborative and experimental space which seeks to build a socially and culturally inclusive platform for the arts in and around Muizenberg, Cape Town. It is grounded by a desire to work against normative processes of gentrification and to develop new modes of collaboration in the city. The space as a node through which to support artists, curators, musicians, and other creatives, and to experiment collectively in the social.

Kate Ferguson

Kate’s peacebuilding practice is focused on strengthening the bridge between ancient and future ways, which is informed by her work with indigenous San people’s harmonising systems of conflict facilitation and modern modes of restorative justice. Her practice catalyses and facilitates peace pathways for learning landscapes, sustainable development projects, integrative healthcare and wellness stakeholders, food sovereignty networks, legal justice world, creative industries and youth. Kate also works with progressive businesses to value their conflicts as opportunities to build and restore relationships, guiding them to prioritise their social health as key to holistic success. She holds her clients, partners and communities accountable to having bioregional impact, building local regeneration.