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This project explores how young people can use storytelling to imagine more sustainable cities and communities (SDG11) and how to live in ways that are more gentle on the world and each other.

20 youths (Aged 20 to 30) from Germany (10) and South Africa (10) exchange their different lived realities and visions of the future.

From February to November 2023, the youth engage virtually as well as face-to-face in two binational exchanges in Muizenberg and Berlin.

They explore local examples of sustainable transformation and reflect on how they can use these impulses in their own environments in Cape Town and Berlin.

From these experiences, they work together using a range of creative methods and platforms, to create stories to inspire, spark conversation and to share their learnings with the world.

Themes we explore include:


  • Introduction to Methods
  • Understanding Social Media
  • Working with Informed Consent
  • Creating Content
  • Disseminating Content
  • Holding Live Events

Sustainable cities

  • What does that actually mean?
  • Exploring past and present
  • Visioning the future we wish to see
  • Active citizenship

This project is supported by ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL with funding from the German Ministry of Development Cooperation.

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