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Marvin joined our project Storytelling for a Better Tomorrow in 2023. He invites us to read some of his reflections and shares a truly inspiring poem as well as a video about “nurturing earth’s guardians of tomorrow”, as Marvin puts it.

Thinking about my Childhood

When my mind wonders. I always find myself thinking about my childhood; how simpler times were, and how everything about the Earth intrigued me. It got me thinking that a person’s childhood…..particularly those involving nature, have a profound and lasting impact on our relationship with the Earth.

Our encounters with nature instil within us a deep and enduring affection for the Earth. It’s not just a passing interest or fleeting fascination; it’s a love that grows and matures with us as we navigate through life.

The role of these childhood experiences shapes us into responsible stewards of the planet. When we grow up with a love and appreciation for nature, we are more likely to become advocates for environmental conservation, sustainability, and protecting the natural world for future generations.

And so here is a letter, a letter of my experience.



A Letter to Gratitude

Dear Gratitude,

As I sit with my discomfort, I find solace in the scars etched into my story, akin to the scars of our Earth. We, as humanity, are derivatives of the choices we make, navigating between comfort and chaos, yet often failing to acknowledge the sadness we dare not speak of.

In this world that romanticises life yet hides its flames, where pain has become so familiar it’s no longer worth patching, I find myself reflecting on the lessons learned during our recent exchange.

And after, I tried my best to wrap my mind on the things I’ve learnt…but I could not, for the life of me figure things out, I’m an overthinker in that sense.

I draw inspiration from poets who eloquently weave words to address the climate of our hearts and our planet. They remind us that guilt, pain, and the desire to escape reality are universal experiences, shared by both humans and the Earth itself.

In my own poetic musings, captured in “The Window of Vulnerability,” I ponder the paradox of human relationships, the disconnect that permeates our interactions, and the urgent need for genuine connection. Shouldn’t humanity be evident everywhere, in everything? Shouldn’t we embrace vulnerability openly, rather than hiding behind walls of armor?

Gratitude, I invite you to sit with me in my exhaustion, to run your fingers down natures scars, and to witness the departure of trust, a companion we’ve known for so long. Together, let us acknowledge the flames that burn within, the pain we often conceal, and the beauty in embracing our vulnerabilities.

As I navigate this journey of self-discovery and connection, I am reminded of the importance of watering each other’s gardens. For it is through acts of kindness, empathy, and genuine care that we cultivate a world where gratitude flourishes, scars are honoured, and humanity prevails.

Amidst all this chaos, I discovered that today was a good day, and perhaps, tomorrow will be too. And that realisation, dear Gratitude, is enough

No words….just experiences

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Marvin Van Sensie

Marvin, a young individual who grew up in the heart of Vrygrond; found himself immersed in a world of artistic expression. His experience has allowed him to appreciate everything life has to offer. Embracing the role of a storyteller for those whose voices remain unheard, Marvin weaves narratives that resonate with authenticity and purpose. Join him on his journey through the ever-evolving landscapes of creativity, where challenges are seen as stepping stones towards a better future.

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