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The Flow of Food

I’ve become a huge fan of Sankey Diagrams recently. I find them a helpful way of showing resource flows as inputs, outputs and how much or what flows where. One stormy Thursday afternoon, I ventured…
Ffion Atkins
June 19, 2020
Side by SideCovid-19

Side by Side

Amidst the uncertainties and anger, amidst all the injustice and hunger, there is this beautiful certainty about togetherness. Together, we can overcome everything. Noone can take it away from us. The pandemic has given us…
Teresa Boulle
June 17, 2020

Below is My Normal Day

It’s Easter weekend. Our group of displaced friends have all been shipped to Strandfontein, there is no break in the need, as most South Africans live on the poverty line and COVID-19 has exposed massive…
Kevin Rack
May 15, 2020

Bucket Collection

I've phoned Avela to find out whether the 25litre buckets are at the community centre for collection. Usually we transfer the soup or veg stew into large pots at the centre (from where they are…
Noleen Read
May 15, 2020

Angels with Masks

I volunteered to be a driver for a feeding scheme organized by Muizenberg residents during the Corona Virus Lockdown. My main task is to take food, cooked and in bulk to Vrygrond, a nearby informal…
Paul Weinberg
May 1, 2020