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I am Nolly, I live with my mother in a new home.

I remember the day my mother told me that we will build a new home in a new Area called Xakabantu, it was 2017 on a Sunday morning it’s been three months staying in this beautiful area, but from time to time houses are broken down families are full of fears but I remember at first we had hope because we would not rent anymore, we will be free but we were wrong our house was broken down I lost my books and belongings, my mother fell apart I found her staring at the broken house we dearly loved, I asked myself why would these people whom call themselves Law enforcement destroy our new beginning take away the last beautiful thing my mother had, one day I confronted them they told me I was too young to understand they pushed me and I fell down I wanted to cry but I am strong like my mother.

But I ask myself how long will this continue, how long will our houses be broken, be destroyed by people who are black like our skin colour, what happened to humanity, we sit in fears and tears, we strive and struggle for what ?? Are we not human? Are we not Africans? They said they were called to destroy but by whom?

I have seen grandmother’s sleeping homelessly, I have seen families being broken. But I pray for my mother’s dream of a Home …

Family's homes are being destroyed


Zameka (talking alone)I’ve watched houses burnt down, I’ve wept useslessly but the most painful pain is watching your home being destroyed or demolished down by men who are heartless, this is my daily bread life just because of someone who doesn’t want us to live on this piece land ow Lord help us these people come from there to here uncaring and unthinking, I can’t be a child because my heart is full of wounds and I can’t sleep at night because this is a nightmare that I always dream about.

What have we done my Lord /Senzeni Na?(She was sitting alone on top of a hill looking at her broken down-home the house material was in broken pieces).

Xakabantu my dearest Area.

By Fundisani Roro

Shack destroyed in Vrygrond

Ndakwenzani na

sele uvuthuzela emveni kwenzame zam ndakwenzani
abanye bathi ulutshaba lwam kodwa mna ingaba ndakwenzani na
zinyembezi zehla mihla nemihla andisakwazi nozingca ngoba wena ungumbulali wamaphupha wam
dreams are shattered
voices are fading
wishes have dissapeared into the mist
weeping is my daily bread
but hear me
hear my foot prints
building the future of my yesterday
because yesterday is the day i long for in those dark stinking minds
i long for change in challenges
ive seen damages in those images as if they were emergencies
oh ive seen the childrens hunger
mothers prayers
grandmothers wishes broken and dusted by negativity and division in those visions
hear my broken and undermined mind being taken for granted yes god gave me these unheard and unseen soul to empower the soo called poor but sooo rich in mind.
Ndakwenzani na!!!!

Shack Demolition in Lockdown - Starting Over
Shack Demolition in Lockdown

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Fundisani Roro