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Partners: Starkmacher

How can we live in diversity? “Room For Talents” aims at promoting local assets of diversity, culture and wisdom. The ASA participants carry out activities that raise awareness around diversity and empower youth in Mannheim and Cape Town.

It contributes to the promotion of the German-South African Partnership between the organisation Starkmacher and Amava Oluntu which aims at strengthening Global Learning in youth work.

Raelene, Zoe, Hanna and Fine support this partnership by developing and implementing educational workshops and promotional content. Over 6 months (April to September 2023), they learn how to collaborate digitally across two continents, practice their project management skills and join critical seminars around global power structures.

The planned activities and evolving stories are shared on the partner’s page: Find out more.

The ASA project team introduces itself:

Raelene (South Africa)

I am a millennial residing in Muizenberg. I believe that we can heal ourselves and eachother through indigenous plant medicine and sound vibration/frequency. I believe that everyone should be able to express themselves and just be, with ease. I hope to contribute into making this a reality in my community through this project.

Zoe-Rachel (South Africa)

I studied psychology in 2020 and became apart of the Amava Oluntu community in the beginning of 2023. My interests lie in mental disorders and health advocacy and in the connection with individuals and communities that together we can utilize our strength and knowledge to heal, develop and grow to create a better future.

I joined the ASA exchange program in April, which focuses on topics of diversity, identity, racism and inclusive community. I believe this is an important discussion to be had and am inspired by the possibilities we as individuals can bring to the table.

Hanna (Germany)

I´m an open-minded person and like to get in touch with different people during my daily life, in vacation or working time. The question of what comes next is for me as important as figuring out my purpose in life.

The main reason why I am joining this project is to create workshops for ways of encountering and finding inspiring spaces for diversity sounds necessary in today’s secular and separated societies.

Fine (Germany)

I’m Fine, an open and fun-loving person who likes to inspire others with her ideas. Currently I am studying “international health sciences” at Fulda University and have a passion for helping others. I am participating in the ASA program to promote anti-discrimination work and thus contribute to a more diverse and equal society.

The project is part of the ASA Programme which provides young people with skills to understand and forge global interdependencies. It’s organized by ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL gGmbH – Service for Development Initiatives and is implemented on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and many federal states.