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Hi I am Asavela Asah Masheba.

I am 24 years old of age. I was born at Frontier Hospital at Eastern Cape raised by my single mother. In 1997 we moved to Cape Town and stayed with my aunts. In 1999 she got married and gave birth to a adorable daughter and she was happily married and they had 2 more daughters until 2010 when my step-dad started drinking alcohol and made new friends and my sister got diagnosed with Epilepsy. Life got though for everyone at home.

I fell pregnant the following year and gave birth to a healthy baby boy that caused a strain in their marriage but life went on. I finished my Grade 12 and looked for a job. I worked as a cleaner. 2016 I decided to go back to school and pursue my dream of being a Nurse, so I applied at West Coast College at Vredendal. I didn’t like their service. We were served expired food and the weather that side was too much for me so I decided to come back.

Later that year I applied for a short course – Home Based (Frail Care) Training. I enjoyed every moment of it more especially the practicals, although it was depressing seeing patients that can’t do anything for themselves being ill treated by their families. I never got the job in that I worked as a waiter at Grand West from 2016 till 2018. I decided to quit and look for the kind of job where my rights as a worker won’t be violated where I’ll be appreciated and respected.

2019 I went to Chrysalis Academy in Tokai and I did my Youth Development training. They taught me a lot than what I expected in there not only being a Youth Developer Facilitator and working with people, but they made me realise the value of life and how to deal with life crisis, being independent as a woman and being humble and kind at all times. I am now doing my internship as a Facilitator at Community Women Action. So far I enjoy it here even though it gets boring at times only because it’s very chilled here it’s not busy we are very relaxed.

My wish is to get a job as a qualified Facilitator or Youth Developer in the next 2 years. I see myself being that Facilitator earning the income that I want or deserve as the accredited Facilitator and move out of my parent’s house and start my life out of the township and get the car of my dreams. Marriage is the last thing on my mind right now since I want some stability and securing my son’s future.

As for my community I so wish that I can make some changes and inspire the youth and teenagers in there cause they are really de-motivated – teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, peer-pressure, unemployment and black tax is the barrier in most people out there in achieving their dreams and goals.

Asavela Masheba

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