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My name is Abongile Centane. Originally I’m from Eastern Cape and I am a co-facilitator on the Vukuzenzele program 2020. I am a nice person and I’d like to share the experience with people who have never had a chance to learn what I learned from other people like Neville. What I learnt is that we need to share the knowledge we have with others.

Here on Vukuzenzele 2020 I did share my experience with participants and I did experience a lot from facilitators to participants that we learn by doing and I did enjoy that because we were supposed to facilitate the program on line and I was wondering how we going to that because people need to touch the camera and go to the field and film. Also during that process you need to be able to show them how to set up shots before they start filming and then when they are done to film they must come back and show them how to copy everything from SD card to the computers and they watch them on a computer. I did understand that we needed to change the process and do it online, you suppose to be able to do that without complaining or panicking.

I did experience a lot from Vukuzenzele because we do our session online and it was amazing to see myself speaking on zoom with different people more than 10 same time and giving us turns to speak. Wow what a opportunity to be a part of the program and facilitate the Participatory video online for as I said that I only know that Participatory video you just facilitate in person you can’t do it online or via phone call and as someone who like to write stories for filming, I did get a chance to film more videos that we can watch online with participants so that they can see how to use the camera and how to edit.

Vukuzenzele 2020 I think it was a good year for people to experience a lot of the things that they can help them in the future. Why I’m saying that when I can record many videos and voices with a big hope that people can watch them and learn a lot from me. It was a great experience and a great chance to share also the way we feel personally in life generally and we did that online as you that when you want to know about 9 to 12 people how they feel you need to make sure that you are in group sitting in a circle and listen from the person speaking and us we were doing that online crying together and comforting each other online and it did work.

Abongile Centane

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