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I thought growing up without a father would have a negative effect on my future as I always heard that the absence of a male adolescent in a young boy’s life would be the main reason for most of the bad decisions made by him.

For me it was different. I never had that sense of neglect or abandonment because of my father not being in my life. As I grew, I could never blame anything bad that happened on the absence of my father, only because I could never get myself to blame someone for my own decisions.

Now that I am older I am slowly realizing why the absence of my father never affected me and that is because of the women who raised me.

The women who raised me are the strongest and most independent women I know. They never let me ever think that I need a male figure in my life to be successful and for that I will forever be grateful to them.

Currently I am trying to make a success of my life, to show that all the hard work my mom put in to raising me was not in vain. I also want to finish my college studies so that I can get my electrical licence as that will help me achieve my goal.

For my future I would like to start my own business, and through this business help other people with the things that I struggled with and difficulties that might demotivate young children from achieving what they want to achieve in life.

Zubair Isaacs

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