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My name is Elona Mteto, I live here in Cape Town in a small township that is Called Capricorn near Muizenberg. I am originally from the Eastern Cape born and raised there by both parents in a small town that is called Qumbu. I did my lowest grades there till grade 7 then I came to Cape Town to further more with my education, I did my high school grades in Crestway high then in grade 10 I dropped out went straight to College and at college I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do so I first did wholesale and retail Course of which I was passing with flying colours, after a year in 2016 I changed my mind into information technology which I ended up doing it for three years from level 2 to level 4 that is equivalent to matric and even more with skill.

Throughout my journey it wasn’t not easy at all simple because I was having some financial problems and so forth. However the situation was after that in 2019 that year was sort of a gap year for me because I was repeating only one subject to complete my NCV level 4 Certificate. So I found myself a job at the restaurant hence I was not attending full time at school. I then lost my father in a long run that year and things where never the same again because he was helping me out there and there with rent and other stuff so life began to be difficult but I survived.

A year goes by then towards the end of that same year my Contract was finish I then had to go back home to Eastern Cape so I went and came back this year which is 2020 with the intentions of coming back to sort my life, education and finding a job as well to be at least financial stable and so forth. But then in that process yet boom there was Covid 19, so my life right now is kind of in a paused processed, but in that process I am not just sitting doing nothing im involve with the community movement of soup kitchen and also doing a short course at fit for life here in the community, so I’m trying my best to engaged with the community as I have been doing so in the past few years in my spare time, and I have been involve in theatre plays (DRAMA) for four years now and I’ve been involved in the vrygrond youth choir. So I have been around moving to different direction.

And that is my story and I might have not told everything in details but that’s the summary of it, thank you.

Elona Mteto

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