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My name is Asanda, born 1987 in Allies eDikeni. My mom is Nompumelelo, dad is Tototo who left us as he was married and lived his own life. Then my mom took me to my aunt. She couldn’t maintain or manage with us. At 3 years we moved to P.E as she was very busy with work to provide for us she used to leave us with family members so I grew up there. That’s where my love and passion for art began.

At the age of 14 my brother moved back to P. E but most of the time I was alone at time and I started being mischievous and I associated myself with bad friends. We smoked cause I wanted to fit in. We got in trouble as one of my friends got shot and that touched my mother. She was stressed out since the police were investigating everyone around the deceased so I moved to my brother’s house. He was living in a small house with his girlfriend and kid, so I moved to Cape Town.

2004 I went back to E.L looking for my father eZwelitsha only to find out that they moved to another village. I ended up coming back to Cape Town empty handed. 2006 I dropped out of school and started hustling for myself as I had skills in art so I got more involved in it and began being a DJ.

2007 I went to the mountains for my initiation ceremony and I came back and started looking for a place to stay as I am a man I could not be staying with my mom. 2010 I started looking for a short course in Graffit design and music and I was also hosting events. 2018 I found a link to my father’s family on Facebook but my dad passed away. I told my mom later on.

I started connecting with my sisters from my father’s side all to find out I was looking for a surname that he was not even using it. So right now I still want to know who I am since I heard and saw that he was exactly what I am so most of the talents that I have I take them after him. My intentions is to live a positive life in honoring women and children. I’m in the space where my personal growth and being the responsible man and I am still passionate about art. I’d love to do more or be more involved in it but sometimes it is difficult for me to get help as I am independent so I don’t usually ask for help when I need one.

I love my continent being an African and I’d like to see it in another level and embracing UBUNTU which is not practiced in our daily lives. I’d like to have my own clothing brand and travel the world and support local and growing businesses.

Asanda Ndudula

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