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Most of Amava Oluntu’s projects engage youth over one to two years with actions that shape their thinking, sustainable living and ability to drive change in their community. From international exchanges to developing a business idea – what do participants take away from these experiences? The following reflections and takeaways highlight key learnings and insights shared by participants that may bring across some of the transformative effects of Amava Oluntu’s activities:

“Amava creates a network that helps me grow. I met a lot of different people. We talk about things that we usually don’t talk about. When we look at that side, we always judge. But we really tried to go around that and go deeper and deeper, to talk about stuff that we are not comfortable with. On my side, I got a chance to see with different lenses and step out of me and look with new eyes. I am still learning.”

“The relationship with Amava started with me joining as a participant. Now, we are partners. There was a break in between but I felt like I had to go back. Something was calling me back.”

Youth Visions

Walking and exploring together in the project youth visions in a changing climate.

“A lot of growth has happened since I have come to Amava. Accessing so many different networks opens our minds. I am very grateful for this.”

“There is a sense of home. Besides the work and training sessions, you come together and talk about things like… What does education really mean, is it about going to school or about learning more useful things. It’s a space where you can be who you are and receive advice, also when you feel down.”


Moments of sharing and talking about your learnings are essential, like in Community Changemaker 2030.

“I joined an entrepreneurship programme and was a bit confused that it was a lot about community building. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone and since then, I try to not be afraid of leaving my comfort zone. I will never forget what Amava has taught me about myself and others.”

“The environment that surrounds me where I live is blocking me from growing and getting out there. But at Amava, I can feel home and open to learning new things, I can escape the reality. Being with Amava has made me the person that I am today with a sense of belonging, being in a space where noone is questioning me but rather assisted in areas that I need help with. Amava has also taught me that it’s not all about money.”

Sharing thoughts and skills at Amava Oluntu.

Exploring and sharing skills at Amava Oluntu whilst learning how to get out of your comfort zone.

“Through Amava I also got the opportunity to study at the Centre for Entrepreneurship. It was always my aim to get there and thanks to Amava, I got a short cut. Amava opened me up to incredible experiences. It’s hard to explain, there are things that I know now that I wouldn’t have known.”

Four people standing in front of False Bay College Centre for Enrepreneurship rapid incubator sign.

Youth can gain access to entrepreneurial opportunities and networks.

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