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Partners: Starkmacher e.V.

The project brings the organisations Starkmacher e.V. (Germany) and Amava Oluntu together to explore new ways of community building through asset-based methodologies. The focus is on discovering and sharing positive stories of climate impact. Both organisations get further trained in project management, ABCD, Participatory Video, and storytelling.

The project includes online exchanges with the German partner group, as well as cross-border mobility experiences in Germany and South Africa that broaden global perspectives, foster empathy building and broaden the knowledge around climate and migration. What is Climate Change and how can we respond to it as communities? Answers to this question may be different from country to country. Yet, exchanges and dialogues encourage new solutions and knowledge sharing.

Furthermore, the project trains participants in how to apply the method Most Significant Change (MSC) which is a form of participatory monitoring and evaluation. It involves the collection and selection of stories about changes stimulated by project participants. By using video and stories as tools for qualitative data collection, the impact and change can be assessed in an inclusive and participatory manner.

During the project, the changemakers developed the toolkit that aims at sharing stories and methods with peers and youth organisations that want to drive change in their communities.

The toolkit is free to download and share:

A Changemakers Toolkit

Find out more on the project’s Instagram channel: