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The Muiz Kitchen keeps shining and doing incredible work. Many may only see the front of the kitchen, receiving a delicious nutritious meal in front of them. Yet, the kitchen stores not only good meals and healthy products, but also most impactful experiences and significant relationships that drive change on a community level.

Here are some voices that highlight the lasting impact of the Muiz Kitchen:

“There’s so much to say about the ways the Muizenberg Community Kitchen literally nourishes our community. Besides the wholesome and delicious meals, I value the daily lunch for the contact it brings with familiar faces, particularly in a time of atomised living when the ritual of sitting and eating with our neighbours seems almost extinct. I feel lucky to be a local.” Patrick

“Muizenberg Community Kitchen is a safe and creative space. These folk take seriously their role in facilitating healing within the South African context. They do so by providing regular, scrumptious meals. Catering for vegetarian and meat-eaters. There is a space for all types around the table. Dynamic people, local products and ethical sourced vegetables are a key feature at this community kitchen in Muizenberg.” Benson

Muiz Kitchen volunteers hug

Happy volunteers behind the scenes. Credits: P. Smith Aesthetics (Takunda)

“Having moved to Muizenberg just recently, I feel that the Muiz Kitchen has given me a new home. I am with people with so many different backgrounds, and I can learn so much from that. It’s a good, social challenge for me. It’s beautiful to co-create in the kitchen. Sometimes, it’s stressful and busy but by lunch time, it’s always incredible to see what has been created together.“ Eva, Volunteering Chef

“I love the weekly organic veg boxes at Muiz Kitchen because it feels like a very tangible way of divesting from supermarkets and the mainstream food system and actively investing in small scale farmers and in a project that benefits its surrounding community in many ways. It’s a small but active way of participating in the world I want to live in. I love that the vegetables are fresh and seasonal, and because you don’t know what you are getting you need to be creative and adaptable.“ Claire

Over the last 3 years, the Muiz Kitchen has developed many community services and systems that aim at sustaining local resources and supporting each other.

Muiz Kitchen Offerings

The many offerings and systems behind the Muiz Kitchen.

To find out more, watch this video:

Teresa Boulle

Teresa is excited about how communities and individuals can collaboratively respond to challenges and turn them into opportunities of social change. She believes that youth are the best changemakers in the world and they must be actively included in decision-making processes.

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