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A ray of sunshine: Zhosai has filled Amava Oluntu’s space with so much good energy. She never gets in a bad mood. Her hair always looks stunning and her smile is never fake. What is her secret? She is sharing her story with us:

“I am Zhosai Johnson, 22 years old, and I live in Steenberg, the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. I am a freelance photographer and graphic designer, the owner of Artistic Merchant, as well as a digital marketer for Amava Oluntu, Vrygrond Computer Lab, and RLabs/Yes4Youth.


Zhosai in action: behind the scenes at a photoshoot.

Throughout my childhood, I knew I wanted to work in the creative industry. I enjoyed doing coloring book activities, painting, and everything in between during school. And when I started my passion for photography in high school, I was exposed to darkroom photography and later to digital photography and graphic design at college.

It is my ultimate goal to not only work in the creative industry but to learn as much as I can. As a creative, I am inspired by people overcoming obstacles and healing their traumas. This is shown in the work I create, which is both aesthetically pleasing and speaks to people’s hearts.

Photography in a studio

Zhosai references art as a childhood dream and is now a professional photographer.

Coding in Amava's studio

Zhosai in Amava’s coding workshop.

As a member of Amava Oluntu, I have been able to express myself both personally and professionally. The organization also promotes flexibility so that I can achieve my personal and business goals for Artistic Merchant, giving me some freedom to dedicate some time to my clients; they also provide studio space when needed. It also presents an opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds, which is truly beautiful, and just learning and gaining experience is something I have enjoyed with the team at Amava Oluntu.

The one piece of advice I would give to the younger generation is to enjoy the journey they are currently on. To go through every obstacle and every emotion that life throws and to know that you find peace when you accept where you are at the moment whether it’s where you want to be or not where you want to be. Just know that you’ll be okay, trust God and have faith that your goals will eventually prosper within your life with time, be kind to yourself!”

Woman working on a computer

Zhosai working hard behind the computer.

Enjoy the present moment, and trust in the process.’  Zhosai

Find out more about Zhosai’s photography service and offering here.

Matshidiso Mashinini

In addition to being a social sciences graduate, I am passionate about working for organizations that strive to bring about social change. It has been a great experience volunteering at Amava Oluntu to help tell the stories of people from diverse backgrounds.

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