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Muiz kitchen is about connection. To each other, to the food we eat, and where it came from, to where it’s going. We know exactly what we are putting into our bodies and are not handing that power over to anyone else to decide for us.

Muiz Kitchen Smiling Volunteer

Muizenberg Kitchen team members and volunteers enjoying the time in the kitchen!

We are in a world where the food industry is constantly figuring out how to make more for cheaper, add in ingredients to make food last longer, and marketing us into thinking we just ate something worthwhile. At Muiz Kitchen we grow, harvest, chop, chat, laugh, love what we do, work hard, eat together, and serve together. We are equals, we are humans in a community, working together with Nature. Every day is an achievement, every meal deserves a celebration.

Simple, tasty, and packed with nutrition. It can take a while for people to get used to eating a meal that isn’t centered around meat. So many colours and flavours and tastes. Freshly harvested greens and herbs are colourfully delivered to the kitchen by the Community Garden Team. Our Cooks work creatively with the ingredients available: what do we have? What can we do with it? I don’t think we have ever served the same meal twice in two years of the kitchen.

plant based meals muizenberg kitchen

Some of the delicious plant-based meals you can enjoy at the Muiz Kitchen.

“These meals have changed the way I eat.”

“I love the vision of the kitchen; I love working here. Here, we are not judged like we are in other spaces where people look down on us.”

Muiz Kitchen Team

How do we work with food in our communities? The Kitchen is the heart of the home and our kitchen, and the buzz around it, is a heart in our community. We are practicing for an unknown future. Our kitchen was born from crisis – what could be the next? Might resources not be so easily accessed? How do we problem solve, adapt, and be resilient? This is what we are practicing now.

We are building our capacity to be in relationship with others and function as a community. There have to be leaders but also circular decision making. Place for the young ones. Elders and advisors that hold space for us to navigate the challenges and hardest of all: honesty to face conflict and maturity to self-reflect.

It is a great joy and privilege to be part of nourishing so many people with health filled, alive, and inspired food six days a week. We work hard to make our meals available to a wide range of people in different economic realities.

fresh produce at muiz kitchen

Michael and some of the fresh produce used in the Kitchen.

We welcome your support of our kitchen. We navigate a new line between Community Project organisism and business. What we are doing is brave and important to navigate a way for community run food sovereignty. Please be part of our movement.

Smiling fresh veggies muiz kitchen

We’re always left smiling when helping out in the Kitchen!

Claire Homewood