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Celebrating Community Resilience

2020 was a year of responding to the unknown: a life with a new virus that we hadn’t heard of before, a life with more uncertainty and fewer resources, a life with new opportunities to be responsive and show resilience.

With the community around us and amazing partners, we managed to pull all our efforts together and established new support systems. The focus of the engagement was on being a conduit for youth to develop response strategies. The response to Covid-19 brought to light extraordinary individuals who pulled together pooling skills, resources and time, to build relationships with each other and collectively respond to a very unknown circumstance. Moving at the speed of trust, we tried to figure out community-based solutions where young citizens are able to engage with integrity and respect.

Annual Report: A Collage of 2020-2021

Throughout, we felt the complexity of navigating broken systems. In an incredibly unjust world and in the middle of a pandemic, it can be overwhelming, but we believe that if we can come together the way we did on the arrival of the pandemic, we can indeed make positive change that lasts long beyond Covid.

We were overwhelmed by the generosity of people sharing their time, talents, and treasures. Thank you all for your ongoing support!

What Amava Oluntu achieved during 2020-21

Read our full annual report to find out what we did in the last year.

Teresa Boulle

Teresa is excited about how communities and individuals can collaboratively respond to challenges and turn them into opportunities of social change. She believes that youth are the best changemakers in the world and they must be actively included in decision-making processes.

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