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The Greater Muizenberg Community Map brings people from Muizenberg and Vrygrond together to share places that matter to them.

The main aim is to make resources, information and knowledge more accessible and visible. With this map, we can document local wisdom and identify nearby places that help us build more sustainable livelihoods.

We invite each and every one to collaborate and share information about the places that matter to you. Get involved by either contributing to the map, or providing your opinion by adding comments.

Amava Oluntu initiated this map and has facilitated the process of growing it with local residents thus far. It is an Open Source Platform that can be used by anyone who would like to use it.

The map aims to:
  • Share places that matter to us;
  • Document local history;
  • Identify nearby locations, events and activities;
  • Contribute information about an issue or list a need.

Get involved now

This volunteer-driven map needs more people to get involved and share their locations. We encourage any interested persons to join the working group to drive this map. Please message us now if you want to join us.

Follow this link and participate either by contributing to the map, or provide your opinion by adding comments:

Share new entries by clicking on “add contribution“.

Map Now

How to use the Map

Here are some more ideas of how the map can be useful for you:

As a business, you can:

  • Locate your business on the map and specify what services you offer
  • Embed the map on your website

As a young person you can:

  • Find learning and job opportunities
  • Apply for jobs in your area
  • Seek out opportunities for personal and professional development

As an educator or community activist you can:

  • Organize an awareness-raising tour
  • Make your own treasure hunt
  • Highlight important locations and routes linked to a specific subject or category

As an employer you can:

  • Post a vacancy, training or development opportunity
  • Find local groups, youth and talents

As a newbie to the community you can:

  • Find your way to your places of interest
  • Understand the local landscape and network
Teresa Boulle

Teresa is excited about how communities and individuals can collaboratively respond to challenges and turn them into opportunities of social change. She believes that youth are the best changemakers in the world and they must be actively included in decision-making processes.

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