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From September to December 2022, Levin-Lou joined us as an intern. In the following blog post, he is sharing his experience with us before he left:
“Let me start with the reason why I am here. Back in Germany, I study Social Work. Part of my three years of study is to do a three-month internship at another social organisation, to get more experience in terms of the diversity in the social work field.

Luckily, I was allowed to search for an organisation outside of Germany. Through some contacts, I managed to get in touch with Amava Oluntu in Muizenberg in Cape Town, South Africa. This is where the journey began.
Once I settled, I got introduced to the Muiz Kitchen. Because they are also part of the Amava family, it was clear that I definitely be busy there as well.
During the past few weeks I experienced wonderful supper clubs from traditional South African food to delicious Spanish and Italian dishes.

Supper Club at Muiz Kitchen

Levin-Lou and the Amava Oluntu Team cooking
at the Supper Club by the Muiz Kitchen

What I like the most about the Muiz Kitchen is, that it feels like a big family. Since day one I feel very welcome. I like it a lot to be around that place because you can feel the energy this community has.
Besides the supper clubs, I helped the kitchen team to serve people in need at the Muizenberg community garden three times a week – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Because of this, I got to know a lot more people. It’s always fun to serve the food at the garden.

Levin-Lou with the Muiz Kitchen team, handing out meals at the Community Garden

Levin-Lou and Muiz Kitchen volunteers handing out meals at the Muiz Community Garden

I also experienced a lot of events at Amava. For example, there were the Networking Events at The Commons. Through the topics like Money and Power, or Fynbos I learned a lot about the South African culture and the day to day life from the people around here. For me as someone that knew just the basics of culturalism it was very interesting to join these conversations.
Through some fynbos events I also learned a lot about the specific nature here. I really enjoyed the hikes around this area even more with all the new knowledge I learned about Fynbos.

Levin-Lou exploring the Fynbos mountains

Levin-Lou exploring the Fynbos mountains.

I also got the chance to go to Vrygrond and participate in some events at the Community Centre or work in the Vrygrond Peace Garden.

Painting a mural to promote Fynbos in Vrygrond

Levin-Lou painting a mural to promote Fynbos, close to the Community Centre, Vrygrond

Slowly, I started to realize how important the work Amava does is. The bridge between Vrygrond and Muizenberg is very important to build/keep up for a more just future together. Otherwise, the Muizenberg and the Vrygrond bubbles will just coexist with many challenges.
Furthermore, the workshops played a big role during my stay. The Amava Team decided to start a workshop series every Saturday for the community. At one point it was my job to coordinate these workshops together with my coworker Raelene.

Besides consistency, with these workshops we also wanted to push the Cape Town Talent exchange in the community.
I read a lot about the CTTE and tried to explain it as well as possible to the people I work with.
During this process, I gained new experiences in video making, advertising things on social media etc. All for the first time.
Through the Muiz Kitchen I also got introduced to an amazing group called Youth for Change Y4C. From the beginning, I had a good connection with all the people there and we managed to set up a few wonderful events. For instance, we managed to create a collaboration with Iraci. Together we handed out over a hundred sandwiches and food bags twice to homeless people in Muizenberg and Kalk Bay.

Youth 4 Change hand out sandwiches to people in need in Muizenberg and Kalk Bay.

Youth 4 Change aims at making a difference whilst having lots of fun and learning from each other.

I am really thankful for these experiences. These are stories I will never forget and even share them with people in my life years from now.
Thanks to all who were part of my journey in Muizenberg.”

Amava's Community Writers