Conventional Vegetable Box


Besides our Organic Veggies Box, we also offer a weekly conventional box where the vegetables are sourced from the Cape Town Market on a Thursday.  We offer convenience to our customers by offering a variety of Veg (80%) & Fruit (20%) in the box and in quantities that are manageable for the week’s cooking.  We make use our buying power to pass on the saving of buying in bulk to our customers making our veg boxes real value for money.   We try our best to vary the offer week by week however Potatoes, Onions, Carrots & Tomatoes are the staple inclusion in the boxes each week.

Anybody interested in our weekly offering of the Conventional/Organic Veg boxes can join our WhatsApp group on either of the following links:
Our Conventional Veg Boxes are:
R150.00 for a small box
R300.00 for a large box

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