We are a proud agent for Wonderbag! Right in our hoods, at Capricorn Business Park,
you will find a Wonderbag factory.
Save energy, time and labour with this revolutionary non-electric slow cooker.
Please note: The colours may range and depend on the availability.

How it works:

After bringing a pot of food to the boil and placing it in a Wonderbag, the food will
continue cooking for up to 8 hours without an additional energy source, so the pot
spends a fraction of time on the fire or stove. Wonderbag reduces the cooking time by
up to 70%.

More about the Wonderbag:

Wonderbags transform many people’s lives, acting as a catalyst to build resilient
communities.* Founded by Sarah Collins in 2008, the Wonderbag was developed as a
solution to the South African energy shortage forcing blackouts across the country –
with the aim of allowing families to continue cooking daily meals even with the
absence of power.
Inspired by a method her grandmother had used in the 1970s to help save power when
cooking, and similar to the concept of a haybox – which was used to keep food warm
and preserve fuel during World War Two – Sarah first tested her idea by surrounding a
pan of hot food with cushions after she had turned off the stove.
The brainwave was a success, and to her amazement the food had continued to cook
for several hours! From here, Sarah developed the Wonderbag and started taking them
into communities to see first-hand the impact they could have. The reaction from the
women was overwhelming, and Sarah knew straight away that this simple idea had the
potential to change billions of lives around the world.

The Wonderbag is now popular in many other countries. It is voted one of the world’s
Top 50 Genius Companies by Time Magazine.

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