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Young Entrepreneur of the Month

Zaid Philander

Zaid is a social activist, teacher and entrepreneur. He is a self-trained designer and Community Art Facilitator who designs bags made from upcycled materials whilst empowering physically disabled residents from disadvantaged communities in Cape Town. He is a passionate social and environmental activist who manages a NPO that teaches art therapy whilst running I Scream & Red as an eco-friendly social enterprise

Zaid offers upcycled bags printed with unique artworks, made by people with disabilities. He is the founder of I-Scream and Red, an environmentally friendly company that is constantly finding eco and environmentally friendly ways of production within the textile industry. I Scream & Red also manages to source all materials within the vicinity of production so minimal carbon emissions are spent on each item made.

It’s a special gift, must-have and design artwork!

Get his upcycled bags here

Welcome to the Amava Market

Since our inception, we have been working to build community through supporting young people to create and implement their own solutions to prevailing challenges they are facing.

We have been so inspired by the amount of resilience, creativity, passion and determination that exists in abundance right here in our midst. This is what drives us to do the work we do in creating spaces for everyone to bring their skills to the table to support each other to be our best selves.

As (almost) all creatives everywhere will attest to, the hardest part of developing a product or service, is selling it. And so, after much feedback over the years about what kind of support systems would be useful, we have begun the process of launching an online shop. The aim of the shop is three fold:

  1. Make it easier for young entrepreneurs to sell their wares
  2. Create a support system / feedback loop that helps the entrepreneurs to improve their products and services (that’s patience and feedback and offers of help from you, the buyers)
  3. Make it easier for locals to support locals

We are starting small to test all the systems, and will grow into ourselves as we figure it all out together.

We look forward to doing business with you.

If you would like to sell your products on this platform, please apply here.