Gideon Zilungele Ngoma: FiveFoldCreations – Whispers of Nature

In the bible, nature is mentioned more than any other person’s name. These bookmarks remind us that being aware of nature is as important as being aware of God. They include short bible verses about nature as well as lino-printed designs of Fynbos.

More about the story and person behind this product:

Gideon shares: “Before I came to the Pollinating Pride programme, I had no idea about spending time with such different kinds of people, and I didn’t know anything about Fynbos. I just saw this add on Facebook for something called ‘Pollinating Pride in People’ and I thought this is interesting because that is what we need here in Lavender Hill so I thought maybe I can do this thing and then bring back pride to my community.

I have learnt so much about people and fynbos this year. I realized that within the church space, where I spend a lot of time, people are not talking about nature in a way of raising awareness. In fact, fynbos is a very important part of our existence.

So, I had this idea to make bookmarks. The idea is to get people within the church space thinking more about Fynbos. So the bookmark has a picture of a fynbos flower and information about that flower on one side, on the other side it has a bible verse that talks about nature. With these bookmarks I hope I can raise awareness in my church about Fynbos and our connection to nature and all different kinds of people.”

Bookmark size: 5,2cm x 15,8cm

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