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Partners: Starkmacher

In this ASA-project, two young adults from Vrygrond and two young adults from Germany share their interests in sustainable development and storytelling. With the help of different methods, they will develop content about individual stories that are in the subject area of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

This project aims to explore the extent to which indigenous and local wisdom or philosophies can be transferred to new frameworks such as the SDGs. Different regional stories about sustainable development will be collected and linked to the 17 SDGs.

This project is implemented digitally with our German partner Starkmacher. The participants will continuously work in tandem and regularly exchange information with each other. The binational team will be trained in SDGs and introduced to storytelling methods such as Participatory Video as well as ABCD (asset-based community development).

The project is part of the ASA programme, a learning and capacity-building programme that provides young people with skills to understand and forge global interdependences.