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Storytelling Workshops

Storytelling Workshops

Today, the warm flames of the fireside have been replaced with the cold glow of screens, allowing a multitude of conflicting stories into our heads, every minute of every day. It is very easy to get swept along in this sea of confusion, which can leave us feeling angry, sad, alone and hopeless. Yet these devices were designed to connect us, and they hold this original function stronger than ever before. 

We believe that remembering and re-imagining our stories, and using the incredible technology at our fingertips constructively, rather than being used by it,  gives us the means to have a say in how our collective future looks. These workshops take a look into why we tell stories, the effects they have on us, and how we can use storytelling to create change in ourselves, our organisations, our communities and the world. 

These workshops are offered to community groups, schools and corporates.

Story Circles

Group Size: 5 to 24
Duration: 4hrs to 4 days

A great way for a group to self-reflect, get to know each other, practice collaboration, listen to each other, be heard by each other and have fun in the process. These can be individual storytellings or group collaboration around a specific topic that is looking to be explored more deeply. Outputs can be audio or written recordings, visual (collage / drawing / mural) or short films, according to purpose, time and resources available.

Understanding Social Media

Group Size: 5 to 24
Duration: 2 to 4+ days

This workshop aims to give a basic overview on what the internet is, what social media is, what the associated dangers are, and how to use these tools effectively whilst being aware of the addictive nature of these platforms.

Depending on time frame, there can be additional outputs:
• Practice creating cohesive narratives that build a story over time
• Practice content generation
• Create a 3 to 12 month social media plan

The Three Stories: yours, mine and the one in between

Group Size: 5 to 24
Duration: 2+ days

Using non-violent communication and peace building techniques, experienced facilitators will walk the group through a process of stepping out of their current perspective to look at the subject from another angle. This could be a topic the group is already grappling with, or the process could be used to surface underlying tensions the group would like to take a closer look at. This workshop brings a refreshed perspective and strengthens understanding and trust within the group.