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Skills Sharing Workshops

Skills Sharing Workshops.

These are short format half day workshops to impart skills or incite curiosity to know more. They can also be run as a series over longer periods of time.

Not only do these workshops enable more opportunities for learning, they are also a great way to meet new people and get to know your surrounding community. Workshop slots are weekdays after 5 or preferably on Saturdays. 

If you would like to offer your skills in a workshop format, sign up here.

You are also welcome to book our space for private workshops.


“Amava Oluntu is a versatile, safe, and nurturing space – the workshop participants loved being in such a homey and comfortable environment (the courtyard and kitchen made it particularly well-received). From the admin side, everything was very friendly, easy, and reliable. SO glad to have found this hidden gem in Muizi!”
– Olivia