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Skills Sharing Workshops

Skills Sharing Workshops.

How can we share our wisdom and knowledge more evenly, and enable more opportunities for courageous learning?
We are convinced that if we share our skill sets more widely, we can contribute to more just futures; through sharing our stories, knowledge and wisdom, we can experience resilient communities.
Amava Oluntu offers a skills-sharing platform for those who want to learn and those who want to share their skills. A lot of people don’t have access to learning opportunities whilst there is a tremendous landscape of knowledge and skills around us. Our platform aims at matching the skill sets and needs available within our community.

How Skills Sharing Workshops Works:

1. Propose an offering
What is it that you would like to share with others in a 3 to 4-hour workshop that you think is a useful life skill that promotes creativity, self-expression, well-being, and community? Send an email describing this to: We will respond and share the link for step 2.

2. Pick a date
We will share a calendar and google form with you to describe your offering, including a title,
date, time, cost, and venue. Between us, we will create an event invite. We may have suggestions for suitable dates for specific offerings to align them with other learnings taking place at the time, we will communicate that accordingly.

3. Set agreements
We recognise this as a platform that can both enable people to share what they’ve gained through their privilege as a free offering; or as a potential revenue stream where you can charge for your skills and knowledge. These workshops should be accessible to anyone who wants to attend, so we will always make allowance for trade, pay-what-you-can and free attendance. (Arrangement can also be made for transport to and from Vrygrond when requested). Agreement will be set up front on who manages the planning, communications, bookings, and advertising of the workshop.

For paid workshops, 70% of income generated will go to the facilitator/s, and 30% to Amava to sustain the resources, time and costs of this platform. Payment options are cash, eft, or Snapscan.

4. Spread the Word
We advertise the workshop (ideally all involved parties share with their networks) and manage communications/bookings according to the set agreement around this. (We can’t take any responsibility for the success rate of the number of attendees.)

5. Show Up And Do Your Thing

6. Clean Up After
Please return the space to the state it was in when you arrived.