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Partners: Starkmacher

Why Global Learning? This digital project explores the meaning and purpose of Global Learning. It contributes to the promotion of the German-South African Partnership between the organisation Starkmacher and Amava Oluntu which aims at strengthening Global Learning in youth work. Both organisations initiated a partnership in 2019 with the objective to promote education for sustainable development (ESD) and youth empowerment in a joint effort.

Four young adults from Germany and South Africa support this partnership by developing and implementing promotional content such as an online campaign that presents both partners and the objectives of their partnership. Over 6 months, they are invited to critically identify the pros and cons of each organisation’s concept around global learning.

This virtual project collaboration is an exciting opportunity for Paula and Christian from Cape Town. They learn more about other cultures, languages and global correlations. They change perspective and discuss the reasons and roots of power structures and inequality. Collaborating online and working on the same goals with team members from another country can be quite challenging. This project is an opportunity to go beyond one’s comfort zone, to reflect and rethink your own position and understanding of the world.

During the 6-months programme, the ASA-team developed a new website to promote the partnership with Starkmacher and our common theme Global Learning.

Check it out and stay tuned about partnership projects and events: Click here

The project is part of the ASA Programme which provides young people with skills to understand and forge global interdependencies. It’s offered by ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL gGmbH – Service for Development Initiatives and is implemented on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and many federal states.

In the following video, Paula, Christian, Sophie and Lea introduce themselves and share their insights: