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Partners: Earth Harmony Innovators

These courses are designed to help people garden or farm from the heart, consciously cooperating with ecosystem processes and the regenerative power of nature. Thus participants are led into the experience of living with a conscious realisation of how we can cooperate with nature – and how literally life-giving this relationship is.

The training course emphasis is less about bringing new information and far more about reminding people what they originally knew. Most indigenous people understood that the welfare of nature and that of people was inseparable – our Western way of life has taken us so far away from this understanding that we are now having to teach one another how to reconnect with the natural world.

Content covered:

• Life of the Soil
• Mulching
• Compost Making
• Succession and Productivity
• Communities of Plants (Guilds)
• Permaculture Principles
• Natural Farming
• Organic Gardening Methods
• Listening, Observing & Allowing the Land to tell you
• Design Principles
• Water Cycle
• Sun Energy
• “Pests” and Protection
• Tree Planting
• Food Forests
• Seedling Production
• Herbs and Healing
• Vetiver Grass