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Partners: Harmony’s Angels Food Kitchen, Fit for Life, Muiz Kitchen, Star Seed Community School, Muizenberg Community Garden, Ingcungcu Sunbird Restoration, Loxion Mobile Library, InMotion Studios, Transforming Education For Sustainable Futures (TESF)

(Re)imagining Greater Muizenberg: nurturing seeds of transgressive learning is a community research project that is implemented by “Dream Teams” that explore different ways of learning within the Greater Muizenberg.
The project is a collective of individuals and local organisations exploring, experimenting and reflecting on knowledge co-creation. This takes the form of workshops, dialogue spaces, interviews and action-research experiments. The creative research outputs will offer an example of Muizenberg as an ecosystem of learning for a more just, sustainable future.

Amava Oluntu contributes to this research as a collaborator and fiscal host. The project is run by a local, independent research team from Vrygrond and Muizenberg.

The project is part of the programme Transforming Education For Sustainable Futures (TESF) and made possible through the support of the Economic and Social Research Council (UK). We thank the University of Bristol and Rhodes University for their great support in carrying out this project.

One of the precious fruits of this project is the zine Showing Up is a Miracle in itself, a booklet that offers up the experiences, learnings, talents, images, voices and stories of the many people who took part in this courageous learning journey together, within and across our communities.

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