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Creative Harvesting

Creative Harvesting.

Claire Homewood (CareCreative) offers visual harvesting to organizations, companies, and educational groups. She will observe workshops, meetings or conferences (online or in person) so as to harvest imagery & ideas. This material can result in illustrations or artworks that assist in reflecting the content back to the participants and beyond. It is also a useful inclusion in report writing.

Claire’s sense for people, local wisdom, and arts is deep with great consciousness for interconnectedness and nature.

She also offers these services:

  • Mural painting in public and private spaces
  • Creative facilitation and participatory processes
  • Illustration
  • Artivism to encourage the discussion around sustainable development
  • Events and festivals: live painting, conscious event management, and community activation

Claire is a Cape Town-born artist based in Muizenberg. She is inspired by wild nature and the importance of environmental concerns. Her projects are aligned with the values she cares about – resilience, participation, nurturing integrated, healthy environments & people. Care works between scientists, environmentalists, educators, researchers, and communities to create visual bridges and interactive platforms. She uses creativity to have conversations around important topics, co-designing, and painting public murals.