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Corona Virus Help Required

Social Solidarity In The Time Of Covid 19

In these times, when the whole world is fighting Covid-19, people are affected in different ways. Now more than ever, we are all called to show solidarity with those most vulnerable and endangered. We are a grassroots organisation with networks on the ground and are assisting the best we can, in the areas we are most familiar with.

We are focusing our efforts on vulnerable and under-resourced communities in the greater Muizenberg / Vrygrond / Capricorn area, with ripples outwards from there. In these areas, unemployment, hunger, and violence are rife, this coupled with limited access to basic resources, like running water, make responding to Covid19 a very complex affair.

We are utilising all of our networks to get a sense of what is needed where, and to create a conduit to get it there, with a matter of urgency. Lessons learnt the world over from this and previous pandemics, is that we always act too late. 

Internet Access & Data

Covid-19 Awareness Raising

Support to Vulnerable Households


We are working with the Muizenberg CAN group which is a part of the larger Cape Town Together initiative. Furthermore, we are supporting multiple response initiatives in our network.