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About the Amava Market

We have a vision that every young person in South Africa will be an inspired, confident, healthy and productive citizen with the tools to build resilient communities.

Amava Oluntu aims at building more pathways for youth and supports their connection to opportunities and networks. The Amava Online Shop connects young people with buyers on local level.

The online shop is also a platform where youth can access new networks and trainings that will help them develop themselves and their businesses.

Purchasing and selling products locally is not only more environmentally friendly, it is also an opportunity for intercommunity dialogue. Amava Oluntu believes that social connectedness is one of the best ways to find sustainable solutions to societal problems. With community dialogues and events, Amava Oluntu stimulates discussions and promotes local solutions to the big challenge of inequality.

Selling your product requires a lot of skills and know-how. We invite you to engage in sharing your feedback and communicating with sellers with respect and patience.

Thank you for your support.