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Partners: Starkmacher e.V

This project was originally planned to be conducted in person in 2020, with South African participants having the opportunity to visit Germany, and German participants having the opportunity to visit South Africa, and for the groups together to explore SDG 8 in relation to the very different lived realities we experience. After many delays and disruptions caused by the pandemic, we adapted to a blended model of in-person and virtual meet ups, and provided the space for deep conversations around global justice and how we can work towards more just futures for all. Throughout the programme, we explored what decent work and the idea of success means to different people, and how different that can be depending on where you are placed on the globe. We learnt and practised research methods, project planning, time management, and storytelling skills to get these thoughts and ideas out into the world. Despite the challenges of online learning, we were pleasantly surprised at how deeply you can connect and collaborate with people who aren’t in the room.