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Welcome to the Vrygrond Peace Garden, where sustainability meets community empowerment! Our mission is to cultivate a self-sustainable oasis that not only nourishes the land but also fosters learning and unity within the vibrant community of Vrygrond. Join us in cultivating a garden that goes beyond sustainable practices – it’s a symbol of unity, education, and community empowerment. Together, let’s grow a greener, brighter future in Vrygrond!

What we offer:

  • Sustainable Harvests
  • Eco Classroom
  • Safe Spaces for children and youth
  • Transparent Partnerships
  • Volunteer Opportunities

How to support us:

1. Collaborative Partnerships:
Join us in building a self-sustainable community garden where harvests are shared among partners. Your collaboration helps us engage children from neighbouring centres, turning the garden into a safe space and outdoor classroom for enriching the community.

2. Financial Contributions:
Contribute to our crowdfunding campaign, supporting the establishment and maintenance of the community garden.

3. Volunteer Power:
Become a crucial part of our volunteer-based operational system. Sign up, work, and assist independently in nurturing and maintaining the garden.

4. Revival Initiatives:
Support our revival initiatives by fostering mutual relationships with existing garden partners, community members, and stakeholders. Volunteer your time to breathe new life into the garden, contributing to the overall well-being of the community.

5. Outreach and Education:
Help us expand our reach by fostering partnerships with neighbouring children, Educare centres, and like-minded partners interested in the Eco Garden.

6. Coordinator Support:
Assist us in sustaining and overseeing operations by supporting the employment of essential roles. Your backing ensures the smooth functioning of the entire project.

Our story:

In the heart of Vrygrond, our journey began with collaborative partnerships, sowing the seeds of a self-sustainable community garden. Evolving into a safe haven and outdoor classroom, the garden engages children and youth from neighbouring centres, deepening project programs and empowering livelihoods within the community. Our commitment to transparent growth ensures that every contribution fuels the earnings of each harvest, creating a model of empowerment and collaboration.

Looking ahead, our story continues with revival initiatives, mutual relationships, and the dedicated support of volunteers. As we cultivate resilience, financial contributions and strategic partnerships fuel our mission to expand outreach and education. Our commitment to sustainability echoes not only in the practices of the garden but also in the very structure that propels our story forward. Join us in the unfolding chapters of the Vrygrond Peace Garden’s narrative, where unity, sustainability, and growth intertwine to shape a brighter, greener future for our vibrant community.

Where to find us:

Vrygrond Peace Garden, 36 Vrygrond Avenue, Vrygrond, 7945

Where to find us:

Zaid Philander: 0745459938

Zaid is a social activist, facilitator and entrepreneur. He is a self-trained designer, who continues to make products from upcycled materials whilst empowering physically disabled residents from disadvantaged communities. He is a passionate social and environmental activist who manages programmes at the Butterfly Art Project (NPO), enabling participants how to implement healing art therapeutic classes with children. In his line of work, Zaid discovered gaps where children and youth needed spaces to go to, in order to avoid vulnerable spaces of abuse, violence and neglect, especially when NGOs and staff are not available. He therefore initiated the Vrygrond Peace Garden as a way to create safe spaces for children and has a vision to roll out programmes that will serve the entire community and shift social dynamics in the homes of beneficiaries.

Zaid continues to use his expertise of art healing, sewing and community development to make these shifts.