Weighted, Hand-Sewn Therapy Dolls


Purpose: These weighted dolls are designed to soothe and comfort children( and adults) who suffer from stress and anxiety.
Material: 100% Polyester (Shaggy fleece material)
Stuffing: Synthetic Ball fibre
Size: 65cm
Bria Chadasha Art Therapy Center provides art classes in marginalized, gang-infested communities to help children and adolescents to regulate their emotions and express it through artistic creativity. The center also serves as an alternative after-school activity that will keep children off the dangerous streets and out of harm’s way. Cindy-Lee created these dolls with a lot of care, therapeutic experience and motivation to drive change for kids. All dolls and other items offered by the center are crafted to have a therapeutic effect on children and teenagers. The funds made from sales will be utilized to keep the art center afloat since it is a Non-Profit Company that is not government-funded.

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