3D Bottle Art and Craft


By Creative Master
Prosper Dennis’s artwork is a product of craftsmanship & creativity.
More about the story behind this product:

“I call my art work 3D BOTTLE art. I don’t use any fancy machines.
1)the first dimension is turning it into a wine glass.
2)the second dimension Is turning it into a flower vessel.
3)the third dimension is turning it into a home/office decorative art work.
Due to COVID-19, I was unemployed and sat at home. Surrounded with empty beer and wine bottles in the township, I picked up one Savanna bottle on the ground. A creative idea crossed my mind after asking myself what can I do with it.
Using an ordinary glass cutter and a candle, sandpaper and water, I figured I can successfully cut it into a wine glass and then file the top and the bottom edges.
I did it and it worked. When the lock down was over, I went to a local mall in Sunnyside, Pretoria. People were impressed with this artwork, they supported me and I sold all of my stock.”


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