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How we tell stories matters

Participatory Video Documentation.

We have Participatory Video methodologies at our core, which honour informed consent and the involvement of all parties to tell a story. Using video as a form of documentation allows space for all voices to contribute to the story, regardless of literacy or language.

“We worked with Theresa to develop a video of a pioneer, collaborative community development course. Theresa worked with us and the group to create a safe space for collaboration. She is patient and able to guide and facilitate groups with diverse backgrounds and skills. She led the process of creating the story and video with sensitivity and skill. She was able to both demystify and build understanding of the complex issues such as digital storytelling, security, privacy, authenticity and consent. Our end product reflects the realities of participants and has also been used to communicate with a large number of stakeholders who have praised it.”  – Sol Luca Da Tana | School of Community Networks

“Theresa is an amazing film worker who is gifted in many ways. She is so creative and she has often been able to produce amazing films working with indigenous people. She has been able to train people with limited English language. I would do anything to recommend her as the best film maker.” – Sinegugu Zukulu, Amadiba Community

“Theresa works with humility, sensitivity and creativity. Beauty and clarity are hallmarks of her productions. There is a rawness to her video creations that is refreshing and honest.” – Margie Pretorius, Sustaining the Wildcoast

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