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Participatory Video Documentation

Participatory Video Documentation.

If you are looking for authentic participatory storytelling or documentation, we would be delighted to work with you. We have Participatory Video methodologies at our core, which honour informed consent and the involvement of all parties to tell a story. Using video as a form of documentation allows space for all voices to contribute, regardless of literacy or language. It can be used to promote dialogue around difficult and uncomfortable topics and to seek solutions to challenges faced by a group or community. If you have a story you would like assistance in telling, or a process you would like documented, we would be delighted to consult with you on the best way forward.

Participatory Video Documentation Products include:

  • Short Films (2 min to 10 min)
  • Long Films (15 min to 1 hour)
  • Video Reports
  • Research Assistance
  • Group Storytelling