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Another Side of Life

I grew up in Eastern Cape. I am from Ntabankulu in the Village called Nowalala (Lugangatho) where I used to fetch water in the river and fetch woods in the forest at the age of…
Avela Magagasi
September 28, 2020

The Value of Life

Hi I am Asavela Asah Masheba. I am 24 years old of age. I was born at Frontier Hospital at Eastern Cape raised by my single mother. In 1997 we moved to Cape Town and…
Asavela Masheba
September 28, 2020

Story of My Life

My name is Elona Mteto, I live here in Cape Town in a small township that is Called Capricorn near Muizenberg. I am originally from the Eastern Cape born and raised there by both parents…
Elona Mteto
September 28, 2020
The New NormalThe New Normal

The New Normal

I would like to welcome you to our home, where women speak and men listen. Where we've done away with centralised, hierarchical structures and now self govern in localised, decentralized focus groups. We own our…

The Flow of Food

I’ve become a huge fan of Sankey Diagrams recently. I find them a helpful way of showing resource flows as inputs, outputs and how much or what flows where. One stormy Thursday afternoon, I ventured…
Ffion Atkins
June 19, 2020
Side by SideCovid-19

Side by Side

Amidst the uncertainties and anger, amidst all the injustice and hunger, there is this beautiful certainty about togetherness. Together, we can overcome everything. Noone can take it away from us. The pandemic has given us…
Teresa Boulle
June 17, 2020