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Sandile wearing traditional clothing

Kanti Ubomi Obu Bunjani

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Yintoni lento Ibubomi? Wajikeleza ngathi unguJamelijojo Wangqunga ngathi uyingqukuva ingqungelugquba Wagqagramla ngathi lizulu lizongoma Wagqagqazela ngathi lihashi lileqemdyarhweni Wadidiza ngathi ubanjwe yindidane Watatazela ngathi yintethe ibethwe sisitshi Watatanyiswa waxeli teletele ixingezindongeni Watotoba waxelixhego liphethwe ngamadolo…
Paula taking photos

Paula Qamata: The Youth Hub’s Ray of Sunshine

| Community Building, Youth Hub | No Comments
Towards the end of 2021, Amava Oluntu concluded that we needed the views of the youth to contribute to Amava’s vision. Who better to guide Amava than those who truly know the Vrygrond community and…
The Muizenberg Kitchen location 150 Main Road

Muiz Kitchen: Musings of the Past Year

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“The kitchen is not only for serving food but also for interaction and connecting with different types of people, cultures and religions. We love what we do and all our meals are prepared and made…
Protea printed with red paint

2021’s Printmakers of Pollinating Pride in People

| Community Building, Pollinating Pride in People, Projects, Storytelling | No Comments
Throughout 2021, a group of innovative youths gathered to be a part of Amava’s first printmaking and youth entrepreneur course, Pollinating Pride in People. With the help of Ingcungcu Sunbird Restoration and False Bay College,…
Amava Oluntu's location in Muizenberg

Connect and Collaborate – Join our Membership

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Benefit from our coworking space, networking events, and community co-learning sessions. Find out more in this blog or contact us for more information. What is our Membership about? We offer a platform where community members…
YoUbuntu Participants standing outside

YoUbuntu 2021: A Journey of Searching for Equality

| Participatory Video, Storytelling, YoUbuntu | No Comments
“I’ve been involved in many of these kinds of programmes, and this one has given me a hope that we still have young people who aspire to change the world, who aspire to make the…

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