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Close up if a light pink flower.

The Pillars of Sustainable Development

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“Humanity has the ability to make development sustainable to ensure that it meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” (WCED, 1987) In 1987, the…
Brainstorming board around sustainable development and entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development

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Throughout the world, there is growing awareness that a massive change will need to take place to decrease the disastrous impact we have on both the environment and society due to the unsustainable way we…
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Understanding Sustainable Development

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Sustainable development has become a widespread buzzword often heard in development planning, politics, business, aid agencies, and NPOs. Although it has become popular to acknowledge sustainable development (SD) and its importance, it seems that as…
Illustration of a camera with a speech bubble that says 'what's your story?'.

The significance of stories – Stories that matter

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Amava Oluntu’s mission is to encourage the reconnection of people to themselves and each other.Stories carry the wisdom of our lifetime. When telling a story, we spark a connection. Every human being knows how to…
Illustration of a laptop.

Amava Market: connecting youth for good

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“Young, black, gifted and still left behind.” What has changed for youth since 16 June 1976? At Amava Oluntu, we believe in the power of youth to make a change despite the many challenges they…
Two women smiling and holding hands in front of a dam with mountains in the background.

The 5 points of how to build community resilience

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In this time of unrest and uncertainty, we often ask ourselves how we could build more resilience within ourselves and in our surroundings. Forbes even announced that ‘resilience’ was the word of the year 2021.…

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