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Community service food security

Michael’s Story of Significance

| Community Building, Covid-19, Projects, Storytelling, Sustainable Development, Youth Unemployment | No Comments
My name is Osatuyi Kehinde Micheal. l graduated with a bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory science, majoring in histopathology in Nigeria. l then proceeded to earn a certificate in forensics biology in South Africa for…
mapping workshop

Mapping as a Tool for Reconnection instead of Disconnection

| Community Building, Education, Storytelling | No Comments
Maps - such as atlases, google maps and ordinance maps - have come to be commonplace; but the maps that we use every day, have their histories in systems of military and colonial power. Even…
Youths discussing climate change

The Seriousness of Climate Change Overlooked

| Community Building, Environment, Storytelling, Sustainable Development | No Comments
When you mention climate change, the first thing that comes to my mind is, “Why do you take me back to school?” And even in school, I knew climate change as weather changes, and that…
Someone with orange backpack walking next to sivermine dam.

Reflecting on Personal and Collective Visioning

| Storytelling | No Comments
Over the start of this year, Amava’s team went through a surprisingly challenging journey of personal and collective visioning with Michele Twomey. Throughout the experience, Michele guided us in reflection on our goals, boundaries, and…
Elona holding a backpack with blue skies in the background.

Elona Mteto’s Story of Significance

| Community Building, Storytelling | No Comments
There was a time in my life when I was overwhelmed with life itself and grieving for my father. At that time, I couldn’t cope or make sense of anything but the circles where we…
Looking to the future

How Amava Oluntu Emerged

| Community Building, Storytelling | No Comments
The journey of Amava Oluntu has been so colourful and vibrant. The organisation has been developing rather organically, moving at the speed of trust with those who want to be part of it. It’s been…

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