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Encouraging reconnection of individuals to themselves, each other and the world.

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Community Mapping

Community Mapping

| Community Building, Mapping, Projects, Sustainable Development | No Comments
Community mapping is a chance for us to mark places of importance that we may be unaware exist, for example sacred sites or community-based places. The process of community mapping is an approach that activates…
Muizenberg map

Mapping Greater Muizenberg

| Community Building, Mapping, Projects, Sustainable Development | No Comments
The Greater Muizenberg Community Map brings people from Muizenberg and Vrygrond together to share places that matter to them. The main aim is to make resources, information and knowledge more accessible and visible. With this…
Muiz Kitchen Muizenberg

Muiz Kitchen Voices

| Community Building, Impact Stories, Projects | No Comments
The Muiz Kitchen keeps shining and doing incredible work. Many may only see the front of the kitchen, receiving a delicious nutritious meal in front of them. Yet, the kitchen stores not only good meals…
Selina's experience and internship

Breathe in, breathe out – get together. Selina’s experience

| Community Building, Impact Stories | No Comments
My journey in the Muiz community started in January 2023 and was set up for a three-month internship within the study of Social Work at Amava Oluntu. During this time, I was also able to…
Co-Founder of Amava Oluntu, Theresa Wigley

What if the world was truly equal? Theresa’s story and motivation to contribute to more just futures

| Community Building, Education, Impact Stories, Storytelling | No Comments
I recently had an online interview with Theresa Wigley, one of the founders of Amava Oluntu. To say I was mindblown is an understatement. Her story which is interwoven with the beginning of the organisation…
Levin-Lou's internship and story

Levin-Lou’s Story

| Impact Stories, Storytelling | No Comments
From September to December 2022, Levin-Lou joined us as an intern. In the following blog post, he is sharing his experience with us before he left: “Let me start with the reason why I am…

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We are excited to offer a wide variety of interesting events and workshops that are open to the public to join and get involved in. It’s a great way to try something new, learn different skills and expand your knowledge and networks.

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For me this is the perfect coworking space, its very central inside of Muizenberg. The people at Amava are very creative and open minded, always up for a chat and exchanging ideas. During loadshedding the wifi still works and the internet ist pretty fast. Nearby are many nice places to have lunch but there is a kitchen at Amava as well.

Jost Foerster

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